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10 Things Any Community Can Do

1.“CSN” Community Safety Network – Engage in a collaborative effort with community institutions (churches, schools, businesses, organizations, etc) to develop and coordinate safety initiatives.

2. Contacts Develop an easy-access guide to community resources that meet residents’ needs.

3. Beyond the Cell–  Establish a communication network with community members who are incarcerated to share and develop ideas for achieving a more peaceful and safe community.

4. PATH Parents Are The HeroesCreate a support network for parents/guardians to address the needs and concerns of the family.

5. Something’s Buggin’ YouEstablish a network for people who are experiencing a crisis, anger issues, feeling stressed or just need to connect with someone before hurting themselves or others.

6. Get Involved to ResolveJoin an existing group or organization that’s working and making a difference in your community; or create a new one.

7. GNATS Needs Above Trivial StuffEstablish an outlet for individuals/groups who carry out acts of kindness and focus on the needs of others.Little things,big and small.mean a lot..

8. GPT Getting’ Paid ThinkshopsCreate ongoing sessions to share employment opportunities and promote entrepreneurship.

9. 2 ConnectHold bi-weekly or monthly forums for children, youth and adults to bridge the gaps that keep them apart; address today’s critical challenges.

10. Mediate To Liberate– Organize a group of community professionals and non-professionals who can address and help settle differences or disputes (personal, property or past issues)… between/among community residents.

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