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alexzan yogoMr. Alex-Zan is an Entertainer-Educator-Motivator who facilitates creative, interactive presentations for children, youth and adults. He was an early trailblazer, being one of 12 blacks to first desegregate Virginia Public Schools (Charlottesville, 1958). Alex-Zan is an author, TV producer, columnist, and national in-demand presenter for schools, conferences, staff development workshops and churches around the country. His passion for touching, moving, and inspiring people has led to two Virginia cities to proclaim, “Alex-Zan Day!” He is also a national and local humanitarian award winner. Through his creative imagination Alex-Zan has secured more than 100 copyrights, four trademarks and developed five cartoon characters that have prompted people to call him, “The Info-Trainer,” and the “Performing Teacher.”

Mr. Alex-Zan is available for presentations at conferences, schools, staff training, churches etc.

YOGO Song musician


Born In Atlanta, GA, raised in Charlottesville, Virginia comes 25-year-old rapper J-Willz. Born Jamaal Lee Williams.

The young artist attracted a large base of followers across the DMV Area in the late 2000s from selling his mix tapes hand-to-hand, his music & cover videos on YouTube & releasing a number of 6 mix tapes & 2 albums, most notably, Raw Gold: which exposed Williams knack for catchy wordplay, melodies & witty verses.

Willz’s talent soon caught the attention of labels, and soon, he will decide and partner with whom best suits him. His latest release, Raw Gold, debuted on Dec 16, 2016. Follow J-Willz on all social media @JWillzVA


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